Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chapter 56: Oh Man PLUS BOOK 2!

"Nothing" we all say togather and I sliently get off the bed and walk towards him. "Oh really it dosn't really look like nothing." He says backing into the hallway. "Nick..." I saw following him. "Jade's it's fine. Good Night heres your card." he says tottaly not sounding like it's fine. Then he turns and walks away down to his room not even looking at me. "Oh Jade" says Mitchel causing me to turn around at look at him."Is it alright if I sleepover." I give him a look. "What!" "On the floor." I say to Mitchel then I nod grab my jacket and head to Nick and Kevin and Joe's hotel room. I can't let him get away becuase every time this happenes something bad happenes. "Nick" I say banging on the door. "Nick come out here please." Joe opens the door in his PJs. "Can I see Nick?" I say trying to look past him while Joe blocks the door. "Um...he's....changing." "Then I'll wait here." "But the press could...fine come in." "You look tired" I say. "Well you" "What!" I saw looking down and relizing I'm dressed in all black opps. "Nick Jade is here." "Tell her I'm not." I look at Joe who looks back at me in apoligetic way. He clears his thoght. "I meant shes standing right next to the bathroom door and can hear and see everything we both do or say." I hear a muffled "man" or maybe it just sounded that way from the bathroom and out comes Nick.

The End

Thats right were moving on too BOOK 2! Thats right the sequal! Amazing right! The next book will be about Jade right as the Best of Both Worlds Tour ends. Who knows what will happen when shes partying like a rockstar, not with JB or more importanly Nick every moment. What will happen to NADE? How is Jade handling fame by herself and not with JB? What is going to happen now?
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chapter 56:Mitchel Questions

"It's Mitchel can you guys give us some privcy please?" I say wipping my tears away. Crissy nods and pulls Elisa into the bathroom. I swip on some lip gloss and open my door. I don't even look up to see Mitchel. "What?" I say looking at Mitchel's shoes. "Jade...It's been too long" he says steping inside. "Mitchel..." I say looking up at his face. "Jade why were you-" "Mitchel you have Miley's lipstick all over your face." "I do really?" He says then he grabs the handle of the door. "Wait don't do that!" "Why-" He opens the door and Elisa and Crissy fall down on the ground because they were listening at the door. "Why are you guys what the-" "Hey Mitchel why were you and Miley making out?" Ask Crissy who bounces back really fast. "Because I like her." anwsers Mitchel rubbing his face vigiroursly in the mirror tying to get the pink lipstick off. "Why didn't you tell me you were here?" "Well I was going to but then I found out you were in the hospital and I didn't know you'd get out so quickly! And besides I just saved your butts!" "I know I know!" I say laughting. And going to hug him "mua" I say kissing him on the cheek just to annoy him. "Stop it" he yells running around the room and jumping on the beds. "Come back let me give ya a kiss" I say following him and laughting. "What is going on?" says someone in the door way. I had though I closed the door. We all stare at the door way where Nick is leaning against the doorway with a key in his hand. "You left you card in my pocket."

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chapter 54:The Photos

"Whats on it?" asks Elisa as we insert it into my computer. "We don't know yet Elisa we haven't downloaded it yet!" says Crissy annoyed. Sometimes it's hard having twins for best friends I mean they always fight. Good thing the download complet thing came up just as Elisa was going to reply. Or maybe it's a bad thing because I didn't like what I saw. "Whoa" I gasped staring at the thumbnails that sealed our suspisions. When Crissy and Elisa turned to the screen I hear a gasp and a "Oh My Jonas." I couldn't tear my eyes off the thumnails. Their on the screen was the three of us. What really disturbed me was they were taken in hotel rooms, backstage, and in other random places where I know I was alone. Or I though I was alone. I look around at Crissy and Elisa who by the looks on their face seem equally suprised. I lcik to scroll though the photos one by one. The first one is of Miley kissing Nick. I cring visiulay and Crissy hurried to change the photo to the next one. It dosn't get much better the next one is Nick and Me kissing in the chair at the Campsite. We scoll though Nick and Me intensly hugging after the first concert, Elisa and Kevin kssing in the darkness proably after the first concert also, Joe and Crissy in the tourbus, Joe and Me in the Tourbus talking, Kevin and Me hugging, Joe and Crissy, Elisa and Kevin, Me and Nick in my hotel room like 2 nights ago, Nick in my hospital room while I'm still asleep, Nick and Me, Elisa and Kevin, Joe and Crissy, Me lying on top of Joe and Kevin in the Limo because they wouldn't move over, Me performing with Nick, Nick and Me kissing, Joe and Elisa fooling around, Me signing autographs wih Nick, it went on. "No way." I said touching my eyes and realizing that I am crying. I look around and Elisa is face down on the bed sobbing. Crissy is still staring shocked at the screen where I had exited out of the photos. We spent 3 minuets without any sound except Elisa sobbing. The first thing that came out of Crissy's mouth was "Miley." "Jade open up this door!" yelled Mitchel from the hallway.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chapter 53: Chip

"OMJ It is MITCHEL!" reads the text from Crissy I just recived. I look up so I don't risk a moment of this interaction. I wonder why is Miley going after Mitchel after all these years the second I get a boyfriend. And whats more why is Mitchel allowing her too. I have a feeling it has to do with the buissness. And thats just going to kill me. "Here" says Miley plopping down a glass of what eles Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. "One sec I have to text someone." Says Mitchel as he opens up his phone and types a message. My phone viberates with a message I'm almost affrid to get it out but I do, forcing my self to look at the screen. It reads "You are a little sneak!!!!" from Mitchel's number. "Huh?" I text trying to keep my sercert. "Jade your under the desk I see Crissy in the closet and a blue phone light keeps appearing behind the shower curtain! Sneak!" was his reply."HELP!" I text desperatly now that my cover is blown. "Okay fine. As long as you and them don't tell kay?" I urrgently type "YES!" back and he gives me a nod. "When lights go out make run tell friends!" he texts back. I urrgently forward the plan to elisa and crissy. Then text "Kay" to Mitchel. Mitchel spins Miley around starts kissing her and backs into the light switch making the lights go out. Crissy, Elisa, and I make a sprint for the door. Carefully opening it to an obvious Miley. "That was close!" I say once we are safely back in my room with the door firmly locked. "I know and pointless we found nothing." said Elisa collasping on my bed. "Not nessarily I found this." said Crissy holding up a digatel camera chip.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chapter 52: Mr. Random-Guy

"Guys couldn't we get in serious trouble for this?" I ask as we sneak down the hotel hallway towards Miley's room. "Why were just taking a stroll down a hallway" said Crissy whispering. "At midnight" I mumble causing Elisa to scron us by going "Sh......" We push on Miley's door and it swings open. "Weird you think she'd be here at midnight." I say looking around the room and then steping inside followed by Elisa and Crissy. "What exactully are we looking for?" I ask feeling like Stella in J.O.N.A.S! "A camera that can take perfessional photographs and maybe a letter or an email for some magazine." We start looking around but as were looking under bed we hear a key being slid in the door. "Hide" Crissy whispers as we all frantically find places to hide. Elisa choses to hid in the bathroom shower. While Crissy choses the closet. Which leaves me to hid under the desk. The desk in one of thoses with the cabnit under it so it's a great place to hid and see all the action beacuse it has a tiny glass window on the very top. Miley walks in and throws down her scarf on the bed. "Well don't just stand out there come on in." Shouts Miley, after a couple seconds of waiting a guy about 16-17 walks in. He's medium size with dark hair and I can't reconzie him for his back is facing me. My cell phone viberates and I'm completly glad I though to put it on viberate. The text message is a three way with Elisa and Crissy. Crissy reads "WHO Is that Guy?" and Elisa anwsers "I have No IDEA!" "He looks sorta familar but I can't tell who!" I respond still trying to figure out who he is. "Ew there kissing" sends Crissy. I look up and yep there diffentaly kissing. "Do you want something to drink?" Miley asks after finshing kissing Mr. Random-Guy. "Do you have any Diet Cherry Dr.Pepper?" Before he even turns around my way I know who he is. Because no one eles except him drinks Diet Cherry Dr.Pepper. Premire parties even have to order it espically for him sometimes and then he's the only one who drinks it. I quickly text Crissy and Elisa "GUYs IT'S MITCHEL!" Then Mitchel turns around and stares right at the desk and gives it a once over then if he actully sees me or like telpathly knows I'm there he winks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chapter 51: Who's behind the Camera?

"Okay that was amazing" I say as Nick and I walk back into the hotel being followed by 2 fans and 2 huge bodyguards. "I know it was almost exactly the same when I was in it." He says smiling like we have a secret between us. I smile back as we step in the elevator to go up to our rooms on the 16th floor. He walks me to my hotel room and much to the annoyance of Joe and Ian kisses me goodnight. As soon as our lips touch however the door across the hall flings open and out comes the Jonas Manger. "It’s about time you too got back get in here." He drags Nick and Me over to his door and pretty much shoves us in there. On the TV the 11o'clock news is starting. Around the room Crissy and Joe are talking with Summer and Kevin and Elisa are watching the TV set. Looking around at the abandoned pizza boxes they've been here a while. "What is going on?" I say grabbing Nicks hand and standing the corner of the tiny room. "We are talking about that." Said Joe all humor gone from his face as he points at the new headline that sprawled across the TV screen for all that missed it six hours before. "Jonas Girlfriends reveled. Thanks to a anonymous insider we have figured out the secret girlfriends of the Jonas Brother's Kevin and Joe who have reported to not have an relationships. Elisa and Crissy Green are the best friends of Jade Murry. Nick Jonas alleged girlfriend. Who is on tour with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and will also be starring in the new Disney Channel Show J.O.N.A.S! A lot of fans are enraged that the boys are all taken but one has a more positive perspective. One fan posted a video 3 hours ago saying her option on the matter. The video has got 1,000,000 views on YouTube here's the video. " A video of a girl wearing a JB tee-shirt appears on the screen. "Hey guys I know a lot of you are all up in arms about all the Jonas Brothers being taken but get over yourself. Their amazing guys and they deserve who ever they want. Besides haven't they always said they'd date a fan. Well that’s what there doing. Even though I would love to date Nick. I'm happy for Jade and all of them I wish them the best. And all real fans should be able to do that too." The video clip ends and Kevin shuts off the television set. "Okay listen up" said Mr. Jonas Manger causing all of us to look his way. He clears his throat. "Okay you guys are going to publically date till we can decide how to fix these problems" he said in a defeating way glancing at Summer. "Okay" said Nick as he walked me back and let me in my hotel room. "Bye" I said turning to face him in the doorway. "Don't forget to check your insulin" he said kissing me on my forehead and leaving. Crissy and Elisa walked in my room. "Excuse you" I said as Crissy and Elisa plopped on my bed. "Summer's sleeping in our room" Elisa says as I shut the door. "Why are you staying over again?" "Because I think we know who has been doing the pictures and leaking the information on you and us." said Crissy. "Who?" I ask confused. "Miley." They said in unison.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter 50!: EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT 7:05!

"Why are we here?" I ask looking at my watch which reads 7:00pm on the dot. I look around the room crowed with all our bodyguards (including Joe my bodyguard) and random people. Which include everyone in the Jonas Family, Summer, Crissy, and Elisa. I serch for Nick's eyes to try and tell him telaphatically that if we are going to eat and get to the 8 o'clock Les Mes showing we better leave now. Too bad we can't because a really angry Jonas manger just shut as all into his hotel room and is fumbling with his VCR taping thingie as he has been for the last 5 min. "We are here" he says in a very angry but I'm trying to be cool voice. In otherwords completly stern voice. "Because I have something to show you." He says giving Joe and Kevin the evil eye. Oh sorry we call it the Manager Eye. Because it hurts when he gives you it. I have been the vitem of it many times as the girlfriend of his hearthob client. I mean whats less atrative them having a equally famous girlfriend. I don't really enjoy his company espically when were crowed in his hotel room and late for dinner with Nick, Joe (my bodyguard), Ian (#2 bodyguard.) When he finally got the ape thingie to work he turns it on and the tapped news from 5'o clock comes on. I wonder to myself why couldn't he had showen this to us 2 hours ago. I stare at my watch again willing it to slow down time so we won't get any later. I dosn't listen to my prayers and insted turns to 7:03 Pm. I'm getting insanly tired of being stuck in his tiny hotel room. Then the headline they just started talking about reaches my ears. "Jonas Girlfriends? Thats what everyone seems to think from the footage taken from the Macy's Day Parade this morning. The footage shows too teenage girls who look to be Jade's friends holding hands with said Jonas Brothers. Jade who is opening with the Jonas Brothers and her boyfriend Nick Jonas for Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds Tour. Rumors have arised that these girls are the sercet girlfriends of the remaining Jonas Brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas who have been quoted saying "the rest of us are still single." The girls have not yet been identified looks like you guys have alot of explaining to do to your fans." Then Mr. Jonas Manger shut off the TV and glared at Crissy, Elisa, Joe, and Kevin. I look down at my watch 7:05 PM. Seriously they should of never names a song after a time it's way to cliche. I can't go anywhere without the "heartbreaking time" following me. EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT 7:05. "Were going to work something out okay Jade just go your already late." I love how everyone reminds me of how late we are. "Come on Nick" I say as he and I get up and sneak out of the room. Not very well though because were being followed by Joe (bodyguard) and Ian (#2 bodyguard.) "Okay so where we going to dinner?" I ask as we ride down the elevator with a couple of Adults that don't reconzie us in our semi-formal wear. They were just eyeing the huge guys we had with us. "Is that Sub place around the conner okay?" he asks. "Perfect" I said. As we go though the circle "spinning" door and into the rucus of the city were we are imedially reconzied and spend the whole way to the sub shop signing autographs for fans. What in the world will happen with Crissy and Elisa I wonder as we walk in much to the atonishment of a little girl with a Hannha Montan Teeshirt and her astonsihed Mom feeding her other child baby food. This is going to be an amazing and love night. The best part was though that Nick knew every words and song to Les Mes. And he sang and said them solfly to me during the whole play when I got back to the hotel room was when my night really turely began though. It more than one way.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapter 49: The Love Parade (MY 50th POST!)

"How in the world did you get us on this thing?" asked Crissy as she gazed down at her bright build a bear shirt and red jeans. Which matched the ones everyone else was wearing (I was surround by a sea of legs all different colors.) Of course the Jonas Brothers and me were wearing standout clothes which included matching black jeans and jackets and bright ties (okay the tie looked cute on me.) Elisa and Crissy resembled all the other kids lucky enough to somehow secure a position on the Build a Bear Float. "I just pulled some strings." I said causally meaning I talked to the Build a Bear guy who was so overwhelmed with the stress of having the parade tomorrow with four mic on one float he said yes to anything. It was way too easy. "This is so cool!" exclaimed Elisa as she leaned over the side of the float waiting for it to start. "Were going to be on national television!" she said excitedly causing about five people to look over with expressions matching hers. Just then the float started rolling. "Positions" called the Director guy causing Elisa and Crissy to wish me good luck and head for their positions on the side of the float. While I stay at the head of the boat clutching the microphone for dear life. "Relax Jade" said Kevin gripping my shoulders. "Just have fun" said Joe as he practiced spinning around before the crowds appear. "What songs are we singing again?" I ask still clutching the microphone. "S.O.S and That’s Just the Way We Roll." said Nick calmly as he runs his hands though his hair. Okay calm down Jade it's fine your just going in front of the entire nation on nationally broadcasted television's most watched celebration. It's no big deal. Okay were about to turn onto the parade path okay get ready. I flash a quick smile at Nick who gives me a smile back and we stare forward. I put the microphone into the stand and I'm ready. When we turn thousands of screams go up as teenage girls and families are held back by the barricades. For the first thirty minuets it was pretty uneventful just a lot of screams and us waving. When we made it to Broadway I saw Nick's eyes light up. "Good to be back" I said to him. He nodded I'm not sure he heard what I said but it must be what he was thinking. I bumped into someone behind me I turn round to see who it was and I find Crissy and Elisa waving with one hand and holding hands with two brothers with the other hand. "Guys" I say exasperated witch lost some of the effect with the dazzling smile I still had implanted on my face since this was live television. "What?" Crissy asked still gazing at the crowd. "The viewing area is coming up and that means your going to half to dance so get in your positions!" Elisa and Crissy dropped hands with the respective Jonas Brothers and went to their places." I really hope that doesn’t go and bit you in the but later" I said to Joe who was blushing.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chapter 47: GMA

"Calm down" said Elisa as we stood "backstage" at Good Morning America's station in New York City. "How can I calm down!" I say my hands shaking. "Theres tons of people camped out on the streets to see us and I'm going on my fave morning telvison show!" "Elisa's right you need to calm down I mean seriously you go in front of millions of people all the time at concerts and you were on Hannha Monata." "That was not live and this is national tv. It can make or break me like that!" I say doing the Jonas snap to prove my point. "Jade stop being such a drama queen" said Joe as he huged me from the back. "You'll do fine" said Kevin comming up behind me. "You really think so?" I ask but theirs no reply I turn to find them staring at Elisa and Crissy. "Um..guys hello major problem here!" Then relizing the amoun of surport I'm going to get from these guys none to none I go in serch of the other Jonas Brother. "Have you seen Nick?" I ask one of the sound guys. "No but will you sign this?" he said trembling as he forced a piece of paper at me. "Sure" I say as I sign the GMA accented paper. "Well bye.." "Wait I have to give you my" but I'm already running away. Before I can find him were introduced so we have to walk on to soundstage. As I walk on with Joe and Kevin, Nick appears behind us somehow and were all squished into the GMA sofa. "Hello Kevin, Nick, Jade and Joe four extroinary people all highly successful in the music indestry." "Hi Helan" we cheer togather. "These are the highly succussful stars that are opening acts for Miley Cyrus on the Best of Both Worlds tour. The Jonas Brothers sing songs from their self titled cd while Jade sings with them and does some of her own stuff. Can you explain what you did last night Jade?" "Well last night I reveled to the public that I in fact have type 1 dibetes and Nick and I sang a song we wrote togather about the diffculties we have to overcome." "Yes and that was a very powerful song and speech for it left an audience of lovestruck teenage girls slient and half of them crying for three seconds after the song ended do we have video?" As the video played I saw some of the people lucky enothe to get tickets tear up. "Wow quite a powerful video. There has been rumors about you having a solo album?" "Yes that album will be released in early summer." I say the perfect picture of calm. "Will the Jonas Brothers make a aperence on a track?" "You'll see..." says Joe grinning. As we do the rest of the interview I can't belive I am where I am. It's so unbelivable. I see posters outside that say "Were praying for you Jade!" and "Captail N then it ends in ade. Nade FOREVER!" We later performed the song "S.O.S" togather with me and Nick singing lead vocals and Joe and sometimes Kevin singing backup. It went fine and as soon as we got offstage we got to met some insanly amazing fans. Next stop is were going to check out the float were riding on tommarow in the...oh god! The MACY"S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE! Yay!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chapter 46: Silence where it's supposed to be impossible

After I finshed "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" I did what I had asked to do for once in my life I was telling the whole truth to billions of fans. "Hey New York City! How you doing tonight?" Huge amounts of cheers were before me as the statium erupted in cheers. "Before I introduce the Jonas Brothers." Pause for screams. "Nick and I are going to sing a song we wrote togather. To help introduce it is Nick Joans." Hold for screaming as Nick runs on to the stage. He gives me a look that says "Do you really want to do this?" I nod and he turns on his mic. "Yesterday as some of my fans may know I was checked into a hospital in the chicgo area. Comments posted on my fansite stated ""is she alright"" and ""what is the matter"' and ""what happened."" When it was reveled by Popstar! that I had fainted at an contest reward statments surfaced that I suffered from anoxic or bulima. They also said that I was exausted. But neither is the case. Like Nick Jonas I suffer from type one dibettes. It usally dosn't affect me unless I have extreamly low or high sugar level. I wear an "aquapod" just like Nick's but I forgot to moderate it that day and thats why I collasped. This song is one me and Nick wrote togather and we hope you enjoy it. " I start to sing. "So many faces suround our lives." I start then Nick joins in. "And I keep moving forward. Obivious to all the crys that your never going to make it. It's never going be the same. I keep moving forward. I just keep moving forward. Even when my hearts about to stop. My lifes about to fade away. I can't stop moving on. Everyone says that I'm never going to make it. Which makes me go though life holding my ears to drown out the droan. Cause I'm going to make it. I'm no different than everyone eles. No different than the faces that suround us the friends that help us." "Gotta Keep" sang Nick. "Gotta Keep" sang me. "Gotta Keep moving on when everyone expected us to stay down." When we finshed it was the stangest moment of my life for about 3 seconds the entire statium was slient and most of them (including me and Nick) were crying. For about three seconds everyone was stunned. I've always read that the best reaction from an audience is complet and total slience but I have never seen it achived before untill now. When it seemed least likely to ever happen. I mean to have 5,000 love stuck girls all slient while 1/3 of their soulmates is on the stage is though to be impossible. If someone whould of walked in during those three seconds they would of though we had been held a gunpoint or something. Then one fan broke the slience by clapping. Then the rest of the arena joined in with screams of we love you Jade and Nick. A couple screams were also "Nade forever." We just stood onstage staring at the crowd amazed at what we just acomplished. "And now let me introduce the rest of the Jonas Brothers Joe and Kevin!" And the show went on. I would of never belived it happened except it was posted on youtube the next morning. It also appered on GMA and the Todays Show. It was posted on my fan site. And on my myspace (Summer's doing.) I had to watch the video eight times before I belived it wasn't a dream (it's wasn't a problem to watch it eight times because the video was everywhere.) Amazing.

Chapter 45: Miley's Vist

"Miley what are you doing here?" I ask as Miley steps in the door after Kevin exits. "Just wanted to see if you were okay." she anwsers looking anywhere but at me. "Miley you hate me." "I don't hate you." That's her reply. "Miley you kissed my boyfriend, rejected me in LA, and made me do insanly stupid things. It's kinda ovious that you hate me." Not to metion the pictures she may or may not be taking, I think quitly to myself. "You don't get it Jade" she said finnaly looking at me and coming closer to me. Somehow this guesture just makes me scared. "What don't I get?" I say confused. "You are my biggest competion." "I am no-" "Jade if you hadn't come alone do you think that I wouldn't be dating Nick? Do you think that I would have the nagging voice in my head saying number#2 could overtake you at any moment? Do you not think that their would be more Miley posters on the tour if you wern't there? Don't you think I'm a little jelous that you have the boy most people including me dream for? The career most people would die to get was handed to you by a friend that never even gave me the time a day unless we were on soundstage? Don't you know how many people love you and they didn't even know you name 2 months ago? They have known mine for years and I have so many people that hate me! I hate that I get all the little six year olds and than every teenager worships you and the Jonas Brothers. It's unfair! I don't hate you Jade I hate what you have always had. What you always get. Thats what I hate!" I just stared at her. Awed and scared by this little insite into her head. Then resorting back to herself "Get better we have a show tommarow." And then she slamed the door of my hospital room leaving me in shock because I had just found out something amazing. Miley Cyrus does feel things. It kinda makes me feel sorry for her. Being trapped in the persona of a six year old's role model. It's tough. I wish I could say this changes everything but it dosn't. Shes still going to be a brat to me but at least I can understand why she does it. I can't just be so mysistified and outraged anymore. Because I know. And I don't know which is scarier me now knowing or like in the past not knowing at all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chapter 44: The Shock

It was painfully ovious that Bendel the fan that liked Nick hated me. It wasn't like she was openly mean (because I am good friends with the Jonas Brothers) but she basically stated that I wouldn't be anything with out my famous friends. Excuse me I mean seriously the people at Disney liked me not just because I have famous friends but because of my look, acting, dancing, and singing. What is her promblem? Okay I know what her problem is...I'm the girlfriend of the one she loves and that does not go over well with her. Once you kiss a Jonas or start going out with a Jonas like I have there is going to be hatters I'm just lucky that I don't have that many since I share a fan base with them. I think one of the best things was that the other winner was one of my biggest fans. Since there was six of us we had one crowed booth. It turns out that Bendel somehow got in the middle of me and Nick as we were sliding in the booth so now Bendel is imbetween Nick and I and Niki (the other winner) is sitting between Joe and Kevin. Right now I would do anything to be in her spot. After half the table had ordered steak I excused myself from the photographers from Popstar and my table and got up to go the bathroom. To my surprise Nick followed me. He caught up to me right outside the bathroom. "Wait" he said and I spun around. "Whats the matter?" "Um..Nick that girl seriously hates me!" "Well yeah but don't pay any attetion to her Jade you don't look to good." "What do you mean?" I ask thinking of all the makeup I put on this morning. I turn around to face myself and see that I am deffinality not looking good. "Nick I need you to go get Summer now!" I say spinning around and sinking in the nearest chair. "Okay" he says "Summer" he yells knowing that something is way wrong. "Jade needs you now." Seconds later Summer rushes to my side. "Whats the matter?" said Summer who was followed by Joe and Nick. Kevin oviously left to entertain. "I don't feel well." I manged to croke while I'm feeling like I'm going to throw up. "Nick can you do it?" said Summer as I lean my head against the chair's head. "Sure" said Nick who then cheaked my blood pressure. While an atonished Joe watched. I had forgotten that hardly anyone knew about my dibetes. Now everyone will know. "We have to get her to the hospital now!" said Nick is a panic filled voice as he lifts me up even though I'm barlerly consience. The rest is a blur. I can hear people talking and shouting. I remeber being held by Nick untill we got into a car. And then I lost consience. I woke up in a badly decorated hotel room that was filled with huge amounts of flowers, cards, letters, and get well soon bears. "Where am I?"I ask as my eyes focus. "You had extreamly low blood sugar it's a good thing they got you here when they did." said a Nurse bending down and checking my blood sugar. "Is she awake yet?" said Joe bursting in the door and looking around when he saw me his face erupted in a simile. "Guys shes awake!" "Shhh..." said the Nurse to which Joe irrored. I hear 8 people's footsteps echoing across the floor. "Jade!" said Nick bursting into the room, followed by Kevin, Summer, Jonas's Manger, Big Rob, Elisa, Crissy, and...Miley? "One at a time!" shouted the nurse as everyone cluster around me. "I will have to kick you out if you don't go one person at a time!" "Nick should go first" said Crissy. "Is that okay Jade?" asked Summer. I nodded. Once everyone had filled out Nick sat down next to me "You okay" he said grabbing my hand. "Yeah" I said gazing at him. "That was a close call" he said playing with my hand. "What happened again?" "You had really low blood sugar and you lost consience while we were taking you to the hospaital you have been asleep for about 3 hours." "What about the concert?" "It's in a couple of hours we had to see if you were alright first. We weren't going to do it unless we got to see you awake." "You've been waiting 3 hours for me. How did Crissy and Elisa get here?" "We called them and they got them here using a favor from some of our friends back in L.A." "You guys really care about me that much?" "Oh course Jade. You know we do." "So how did Kevin and Joe take the news" I say meaning the dibeties. "They were shocked at first but they understand why you did it we only want you to get better." "But the concert-" "Stop it Jade" said Nick smiling. "You just had a lifethreating thing happen to you and now your in the hospital and your worried about work!" "But-" "No" said Nick sounding like a protective boyfriend. "You are staying here till tommarow when the docter releases you. Then we are going to New York alright?" "Fine" I said rolling my eyes. "I love you" he said kissing me on the lips. "Get better" he said as he was leaving. "Wait!" I said. "Yeah" he said tuning back. "I love you too." He similes at me then turns and walks out of the door.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chapter 44: I love you "Fans"

As I walk out followed by Nick, Joe, and Kevin about 100 fans scream at us from the behind the police lines. I wonder how they always know when we are going to be it's unbelivable I remeber that last year the only people screaming at me were teachers when I forgot to turn in my homework or makeup a test. Oh how things change! I start at the beginning of the line and the rest of the JoBros follow suit. "It's so nice to meet you" I say like a million times as I move down the line, while stopping to sign sheets of paper thursed at me. "Why are you and Nick wearing matching converses?" "We are?" I ask Nick then look at his shoes. "Yeah we are Jade" he said smilling at me and then one lucky fan. The fan preety much melted with us both smiling at her and said "Ok..ay." Once we reach the end of the line and are I'm about to go in Nick grabs my arm and spins me around to face the crowd of fans again. "See you guys!" Shouts Joe to screams from the fans. "We'll see you on tour" yells Kevin and Nick. Now it's my turn. I have no idea what to say okay umm... "We love you guys!" Wow I love the screams from fans it's so amazing they follow us as our clan walks into the closed off restruant which means Nick and I are alone except for Summer, Big Rob, Other Bodyguards, The Jonas's Manger, Mr. Jonas, and of course the rest of the JoBros,Popstar crew, oh and the 2 fans + mothers that had just started staring at us the min we walked in. "Hey guys" said Joe as he pushed past us to meet the fans that were staring at us with open mouths. Or should I say one of them was staring at Joe. The other ones eyes were on one person and one person only. And that person happened to be extreamly close to me. Nick. Her eyes were on Nick. My boyfriend. I have decided it won't bother me. Okay Jade don't let it bother you. Okay just go talk to them. "Hey you guys." I said shaking hands with them. "Congrats on winning Popstars! contest when I entered I never won." "It was really hard" said one of them looking with awe at us. And the other one's eyes were still on Nick. "Hey Nick what are you going to get" I say grabbing his hand. He looks at me as to say what are you doing. "So what are you guys getting?" I ask. "I don't know I really like Steak" said the one that oviously had fallen for Nick. OMJ I can't belive she just pulled the were into the same thing so you should like me ploy. I glance at Summer she smiles at me as if to say "just go with it your being photographed." So I smile and glance at Nick longly I can't belive I'm stuck with this for another 3 hours!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chapter 42: Six Minutes

“Jade wake up!” “Summer…” I mumble as I push off the sheets and force open my eyes into the bright sunrise Summer had brilliantly presented by opening the blinds at 6:00 AM. “Who’s phone is this? It’s rang like 10 times and the caller ID reads Selena, Joe, Kevin, JoJo, and Jordan. Aren’t those all famous people? Whose phone is this?” Said Summer holding up an sleek black iPhone. I realizing it must be Nick’s phone said “It must be Nick’s he left it here.” Summer gives me a weird look and throws the phone at me. Since my morning reflexes aren’t that good it lands on the bed. “Get a shower, get dressed, do hair and makeup. I’ll be back with breakfast in 30 and you better be done!” she says as she slams the door of our hotel room. “Ugg…” I say as I get up and pull out one of the “Wardrobe” suitcases. I don’t really own any of the stuff in these “Wardrobe” suitcases basically designers will give me clothes to wear so I promote their line and then we borrow other things from designers to create my “look.” I actually just got like the most amazing freebie in the world! Yesterday I was sent 10 pairs of different colored Converses because Converse found out how much I love them. The note said “For our best Star wear them well –Converse.” So I grab a pair of skinny Juicy Jeans with some designer’s cute blue dress over it and a pair of blue converses. And head to the bathroom to shower and basically make myself a superstar. Okay so the makeup I use was also given to me by the makeup department and then a demonologist has also gotten rid of all the random spurts of breakouts that used to plague me. So once I finish straighten my hair and doing all the other millions of things I half to do in the morning. Summer beats on the bathroom door “Someone is here to see you!” I finish applying my lip-gloss and step out of the bathroom. “Do you have my phone” he asks me panting like he had just ran a mile. “Yeah” I say pointing to the couch. “It’s right there you left it here last night.” He lunges for the phone picks it up hits a couple buttons and then he’s on the phone. “Yeah I have it. Just a misunderstanding. Left it in Jade’s room when we were listening to music last night. Yeah sorry won’t happen again. Bye” “What was that about?” I ask confused as Nick collapsed on to the couch. “Jade when a celebrities’ phone gets lost it has a huge possibility that someone will pick it up. Figure out who’s phone it is. Call the people in his directory which happen to be huge record labels, TV show directors, and mostly other celebrities . Then he can sell/ post their numbers on the internet when he’s done with them. And that’s why everyone was freaked this morning.” “Oh...” I say never would of thought that would be the case. “It’s fine.” He said. “Just a misunderstanding, you didn’t do anything wrong.” I’m not convienced but he starts on another subject. “Ready for the lunch with the winner of the Popstar contest?” “That’s today?” I look at Summer for approval. She nods her head. “Yeah I guess” I say wondering if my outfit fits the occasion. “Finally were having lunch together” He jokes as we step in the limo. “Yeah too bad we’ll be with two fans that are determined to steal you from me in six minutes. “ “Yeah that’s true” he said sighing which in turn made Kevin, Joe, and I crack up. Not that I’m not still mad at them but their just so nice. There actually trying to rebel against their agent and try to still date Crissy and Elisa. “Are we going to sign autographs before we go in or after we come out?” I ask as we pull up in front of the fanciest restaurant in the town were in. “Before” answers Big Rob from the front of the limo. “Cue the screaming fans” I say as the limo driver opens up the door. And cue my smile I think to myself as screams greet me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chapter 42: Mandy and Bella

"Oh yeah my friend is coming to see our show and hang out when we go to New York. " "Which friend?" I ask praying that it's not the friend I'm thinking of. "Well friends.." he said noticing the expression on my face. "Mandy and Bella." Mandy and Bella. Joe's ex girlfriend and the one the group had wrote a song about. Mandy and Bella the boy's best friends back in New Jersey. I'm probably not supposed to know this but Bella was Nick's first kiss. First girlfriend. How in the world am I supposed to compete with that? "That’s…That’s great" I say to Nick struggling to give him a smile. So I don't seem like the jealousy girlfriend that cares that her boyfriend's first girlfriend is coming to hang out with us in New York City. Even though I totally do. He gives me a relived smile. I struggle to keep smiling back. Before my smile starts to wave I need to change the subject." So ..we haven't talked about Camp Rock yet." I say facing him on the sofa. "Did you have fun filming and stuff?" Camp Rock is the Disney Channel Original Movie the Jonas Brothers filmed before I even meet them. "Yeah it was fun I wasn't the main character more of a person that’s famous and has his named changed as is put into a band with the main character. It was so much fun though I went golfing like everyday." "Sounds fun" I say glad were off the subject of Mandy and Bella. "Yeah we also had like major dance parties and it was just a lot of fun!" "That’s great!" "Shoot is that the time! It's midnight we've been talking for like an hour. Sorry but I gota go to bed we have so much to do tomorrow!" He gets up amused "Okay have sweet dreams" then he kisses me on the head. "Hey" I say in protest, "your not my dad!" "Okay then" he says bending down and kissing me sweetly on the mouth. "Night." Then he leaves my room closing the door behind him. Okay right now I'm way to excited to sleep so I plop on my bed and open up my laptop. I log on to my Justin.TV and start a web cast. Within 10 minuets I have 1,000 viewers. "Hey guys" I say to my online audience. "Any one wants to ask me a question or give a shout out I'm here. " Suddenly my screen is flooded with shout outs and questions. "Okay whoa that’s a lot of questions lets see. Wow you guys this is moving really fast. Hi Susan and Kathleen in Florida. Hey Anna in Europe wow. I actually might tour with the Jonas Brothers in Europe for a couple of days on their When you Look me in the Eyes tour. Yes my next album has a release date of summer. I will record it when I get down touring with Miley and the Jonas Brothers on the Best of Both Worlds Tour. Then before I go on tour with the Jobros again in the spring. Wait you guys are going to fast! What is my fav song? Hmm…I'll have to say Just Friends from the Jonas Brother's second album Jonas Brothers. Okay umm another question…Hi Kelsey from Cali. You know I live in Cali too. Okay so umm.. What is my fav Broadway show? I would half to say it would be Wicked. It's such a great show I also love Beauty and the Beast though it was just taken off Broadway. Okay lets see hmmm…okay what is my fav color? I would say orange it's such a great color oh and navy is great too. It's the team color of my fav baseball team the Yankees. I'm from Cali but I'm a Yankees fan go figure! Okay anymore questions?" Okay now like 500 questions appear on my screen going so fast it's hard to read them. "Are me and Nick going out? Hmm…lets see yes! Silly fans. Okay so if you can see me type Nade." Nade, Nade, Nade, Nade appeared on the screen multiplied by like 500 times. Okay guys I half to go it's getting pretty late okay tune into my #1 Fan site and be sure to check out my MySpace and the November edition of POPSTARS! Thanks bye!" Then I sign off. And turn off the lights. Right after I turn off the lights I hear "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" blasting from over by the couch. Exausted I get up and trudge over to the sofa and see a cell phone viberating. I pick it up since it's too dark to see who's it is and since it's a iPhone I automatically assume it's mine. "Hello?" I say anwsering it. Wondering whos calling me at 12:30 on a Tuesday night. "Um...who is this?" I sorta reconzie the voice but I can't tell who it is. "It's Jade Murry who is this?" " is Selena Gomez." "OMJ Sorry. Hey it's Jade. Sorry Nick left his phone in my hotel room." Then realizing that proabley gave her the worng idea I hurried to say. "Yeah it's like Midnight here so I'll give Nick his phone back in the morning okay?" "Yeah sure it's like 10 here I forgot about the time change so yeah.." "Bye" I said. "Oh and Jade?" "What?" "Maybe we can hang out sometime and do something?" "Oh yeah sure...bye." I'm so taken back that she would want to hang out with me! "Bye" then I hang up. What a night! What a day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter 40: When you look me in the eyes

I hate fighting with Joe and Kevin. But I had no choice. I can't agree with their manger's statment that at least 2 of the Jonas Brothers must be single (or apper single) at a time. That basically means they can't be seen at an public or media indorsed events "with" a Jonas Brother. Crissy and Elisa can apper with me but no kissing in public. No holding hands. No hugging. And they have to sign a confidentality agreement with Hollywood Records. It's so weird! Poor Crissy and Elisa. So as of right now I am offically mad at the Jonas Brothers (well 2/3 of them) (Okay 2/4 including Frankie.) Okay It might not seem like I'm mad at them. It's not like I can just not see them I mean tomarrow we have another concert and then were driving to New York city for 3 concerts, interviews, Morning TV show rounds, and Late Night TV Show Rounds. Oh and get this i'm going to be in MACY'S THANKGIVING DAY PARADE! I'm going to be on the same float as the Jonas Brothers it's going to be amazing. I remeber watching the parade every thanksgiving on ABC. And now I'm actully going to be in it! With the JONAS BROTHERS! Which I am mad at right now because they unwilling hurt people I love. Well it's not really their fault I mean you can't help what your record company does. Oh thats right our record company. Thats right I am offically signed into a 3 year contract with Hollywood records. After the tour and before the "Look me in the Eyes tour" I'm going to record an album witch is going to be called "Gemstone". Isn't that so cute since my name is Jade!? It's going to be amazing the Jonas Brothers are actully singing one song with me. And Nick is also singing an extra song with me that we wrote a couple nights ago. Called "Many Faces" which is sure to be a hit. I mean people don't even have to like me to go buy the album I have the surrport of Jonas Lovers which rocks! Miley check. Miley and Me haven't talked (except onstage and when forced to like: meet and greets, a photoshot, interviews, when we tell the other to pass the (insert random food item), and when were around Nick. Any other time we have never talked since what I have come to call "The Ultimate 7:05 Moment in Nade's Relationship." Which by the way I haven't leaked it to the press yet. I asked Summer about it an she said "You are in no postion to even think about putting Miley down her fan base which you are pooling would not STAND FOR IT!" Okay gezz I won't let it out till I'm above Miley. Okay or away from her wrath like when I'm ontour with the Jonas Brothers in the winter/spring. 2008. I can't belive I'm going to New York City! And then whats amazing is I'm scheldaled to go back like 4 times in the next months. Like Miley, JB, and I are also playing at the ball drop in New York City. I can't belive this it's amazing. "Jade you here?" Nick's voice echos though my mind as I put down the notebook I had been writting in. "Yeah" I call. As I see Nick's figure aprrouch Me in the hotel's little tiny gamming room. "You know" he said. "Your supposed to be with a bodyguard at all times." I look around the room and then look back at him. Since theres no one eles in the room he is oviously joking. " And wheres your Mr. Rockstar?" "Hey!" he exclaimed. "Is Summer in your room?" "No" I said wondering where theis could be going. "Can we go in there then?" "Umm" I say wondering why he would want to go in my vacent hotel room. "Sure" I reply. After we go in and shut the door. We did not get one request for an autograph but it's like 11:00pm on our night off (which is a tuesday) so we didn't really expect to see anyone in the first place. "Okay why did you want to be in here?" I say plopping down on the couch. And turning on my ipod speakers. To which Jonas Brothers came blasting out of. "Hey" he said tottaly irroring my question. "Thats from my unrealsed solo album!" "Um..yeah" I said turing bright pink. "I downloaded it from the internet. You had such a cute voice when you were younger." "And I don't now?" he said teasing me as he sat down next to me. He looks over at me and we kiss. Not like a forced kiss like it needs to happen or like it's scripted and supposed to happen. The kind of kiss where it's a plesent suprise and welcomed. It was just one kiss and when we pulled back up sitting on the couch facing each other I couldn't stop myself from saying what I was thinking. "This is crazy" I said looking him in the eyes. "Why?" he said running his fingers though his hair. "Your singing on the ipod right next to me and your on the other side talking and kissing me. It's unbelivable. You have so many fans that would die just to hear you say ""What's your name?"" And you chose me. Out of all of them. One fan. A huge fan. But a calm fan. Why did you choese me? It's so insane I have no idea what to do when I'm around you. You make me scared and terrified and you make me happy. Like no one has ever made me happy before. I have no idea what to say. I'm so new to all of this and I just have such a hard time comprehending all of this. I keep thinking I'm just going to wake up back in my bed in L.A. and find out I didn't do the essay for Mr. Walker or find myself gazing at your face in one of the Magazines I'm looking at buying. And you know what? If thats true it would break my heart because I love you" by now I'm slightly crying for no reason. The thing is I see tears glisting in Nick's eyes also. "I just I'm so affaird that your going to hurt me and not mean it and not have anything to do with it. Because it's never your fault! You aren't mine your everyone's everyone's in the worlds. All the fans. All the hater. All the stalkers. Your theres. And you can't just be mine not now. But I love you and we make it work. Because for some reason the love you have for me is different and I just....can't...comprhend it." Then he does the best thing he could of done he pulled me over to him and held me tight. "I'm sorry" I say still crying." "I didn't mean to make you or me sad it's not worth it." Then I stop talking because I know he understands me. We are both clutching each other, the music of his past surrounding us as we look forward into the unknown, that togather we are ill prepared for. I only hope that whatever fame, God, and life throws at us, we will stay togather.

Oh and NO this is not the last chapter silly people!
Tune in tommarow!
-Jade Murry

Monday, May 19, 2008

Chapter 39: Underdog

Joe was just going to answer me with lots of uncomtable stuttering I sure but as I got out of the car I was ran into by a girl about my age with brown hair that just stared hugging me. Which really shouldn't happen since I know have a bodyguard. The bodyguard who is just standing there smiling at me. There was a women with him though that I reconised from "The Letter from The Editor" in Popstar magzine. This must be Rachel. "Jade Jade Jade OMG I love your dress it's so cute!"Rigth now the Jonas Brothers are staying in the Limo snicking I mouth to them "help me come on!" they understand but only Nick does anything about it. "Hey Rachel it's nice to meet you" he says as he steps out of the car with his hand extended. Rachel lets go of me relizes who it is and screams "OMG IT'S NICK JONAS!" And then irnoring his hand she runs at him and hugs him. I mean I didn't even do that when I first met them. Of course I was extreamly caught off guard, busy, and sorta embarassed and happy when I first meet them but thats not the point! It weird that shes our co-star for J.O.N.A.S! I mean shes not used to stardom like I sorta am. Hey well at least I don't crush people against cars anymore. This happened two more times as Kevin and Joe reluctanly got out of the car. They don't really handle insane hugs very well. Espically when there completly expected. They love their fans but come on even I don't like when fans do a really creepy hug either!
The rest of the day could be described in one word: LONG!
We had two 5 hour photoshots (+ Interviews) and then with the radio interview, and other random interviews we conducted via phone/ text message. The grand total = 2 photoshots and 5 interviews. It's sad because only one interview actully asked us orginal questions. We were pretty much asked about Camp Rock (the film the Jonas Brothers had just flimed before Hannha Montana), The Jonas Brothers (what there really like), Recording their CD on their Tour Bus, Touring (with me, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley), Meeting Fans ( Insane Fan Encounters), Info on Me and Rachel Katz, J.O.N.A.S!, and of course Me and Nick's relationship. Then the interview via cell phone with Twist asked about my style and what I plan to do after the tour. To which I anwsered ""film J.O.N.A.S! piolet and series. Auditon for different Disney Channel Movies. Record an Album which will hopefully feature at least one song with the Jonas Brothers. Apper on Wizards of Waverly Place and Cory in the House. Perform and compet in the Disney Channel Games and continue opening for the Jonas Brothers on their "Look Me in the Eyes tour."
I'm kinda booked for the next year. "" The photo shots were pretty basic except now we had extra pictures with Rachel and now one called "Nade." We used all these insanly cool clothes I actully got to keep one set of clothing. I can't belive people will know just give me clothing because I say I like it. I mean how cool is that free CLOTHES! Rachel Katz keep pestering me. I really shouldn't be mean ,I mean I'm a huge star/idol to her it's not her fault shes new at this. I mean I pretty new myself I started appering in magzine what a month ago? Exactully. She keep saying we should hang out sometime and such but theres a promblem with that I'm booked for the rest of 2007 and 2008 I mean it's not even New Years yet! I can hardly comprend a month ago I was worrided about how much money I had to but posters of the Jonas Brothers. Life is fickel when you used to be an "Underdog."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapter 39: Your Girlfriends? At 7:05

Yea! It's my day off FINALLY! I mean I have been touring nonstop I just completed my 7th show. And with all this drama and avoiding Miley and working nonstop I just need a day off. Too bad I just found out that insted of spending the day going to the mall alone with my boyfriend (which by the way wouldn't be a good idea anyway I mean we would tottaly be mobed and we wouldn't be alone Big Rob and Joe would be with us.) (By the way Joe is my new Bodyguard and he perfers Josph to anyone besides me) No I am spending the day with Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Rachel promoting J.O.N.A.S. I haven't met Rachel yet nor do I know anything about her shes pretty unknown but when I talked to her last week she seemed nice and fun. We are doing 3 interviews and a photoshot. Or is that 2 photoshots. I don't know! Anyway so that fun bonding time with Nick has turned into work. I love my job it's just that...I mean I haven't spoken to my brother in weeks. I have nothing to talk with Crissy or Elisa about on the phone except the Jonas Brothers and it's always the same questions! "Did Joe hit on any girls today?" from Crissy. "Did Kevin metion me?" from Elisa. To tell you the truth it's getting anoying. I have so much fun it's just that I need like a day break but no I am going to be asked questions about Nick. I know I will the radio interview I did a couple days ago guess what everyone called in to ask me about? Nick Jonas. My boyfriend. They were sorta bad questions too like one was "Is Nick Jonas a good kisser?" I mean how am I supposed to anwser that? "Yes he's very good" I mean it's not like I have an experenice to compare him too. I mean who would ask a question like that? "Jade earth to Jade...Jade..." said Kevin waving his hand in frount of my face to snap me out of the trace I had gone in as we (The Jonas Brothers and I) are traviling to Tiger Beat for an interview. "What?" I say waking up and falling into Joe. "Hey watch it!" said Joe as he fell into Nick which flipped on the suround sound. The car was now rocking with "Year 3000." "Turn it off!" yelled Kevin who was still trying to ask me the question he had wanted me to anwser before this huge thing arised. After Nick switches the stero off laughing and goes back to reading the comments on The Jonas Brother's Myspace. He has a bluetooth thingie so he can do it while were riding in a limo and while were touring. Lucky. "Jade we have a radio interview though my cell phone in like 1 min would you like to join us?" "Um..well isn't it up to the station to decide-" I'm interupted by Kevin's cell phone. He gives me a nod and says to the radio DJ on the phone "Can Jade join us?" "Oh course!" comes the Radio DJ's animated voice from the speaker phone. "Hello Boys and Jade!" says the DJ introducing us. "My Name is Ben Simson. You can call me Ben." "Hey Ben!" we all say in unison. "Since we all know who you are theirs really no need to introduce yourselves but go ahead." "I'm Kevin" "I'm Joe" "I'm Jade" "I'm Nick." "And were the Jonas Brothers" said Joe. "and Sister." corrected Kevin laughting. Whiched caused the rest of us to crack up. "So.." said the DJ not missing a beat. "Jade your the next Jonas Sister." "Well Ben.." I say proud of myself for using his correct name. "I am touring with the Brothers and Miley this fall on the Best of Both Worlds tour so I do perfom with them and I also will be working with them in the spring whilw we film J.O.N.A.S and I will be in the DC Games with them." "Wow seems like you guys are spending quite a lot of time togather so much in fact that rumors have started about you and Nick's relationship. Nick care to elabort?" "Well Jade and I are going out" he said in a calm manner way calmer than I can possibly say it. "So no rommance tringles?" "No" said Joe with a laugh. And Kevin eleborated by saying "Shes like a sister to us. Well me and Joe." Then he laughted. "Everyone except Nick is very single" said Joe. Oh no I though to my self what about Crissy and Elisa they'll hear this interview! It will probley be posted on and by nightfall. I give them a weird look. Kevin shots me a "while talk about it later I have a good reason!" Knowing though recent expeirence it will have something to do with their "heart thob status" and there agents numbers. After we finsh the interview and pull up in frount of Tiger Beat/ BOP headquarters I ask "So do you guys remeber Elisa and Crissy? Your girlfriends? I look at the time it's 7:05.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chapter 39: Time for Me to Stand Up

I've spotted her talking to her dear old dad. "Miley" I yell turning heads but so not caring. I mean I'm not sad anymore and I'm not mad. At Nick. Miley however based on what my witnesses have told me should be held completly responsable. "Miley" I shout again. This time she notices me and tries to slip away. I run to catch up to her and grab her arm to spin her around. "What" she asks shooting dagers at me but I can see the glint in her eye. Of what is it exactuly.?Fear. I've never noticed how she has felt threatened by me till now. I figue I'll get right to the point there is no point in pertending or sweet talking anymore. Oh and you can bet when i get back to the tour bus I'm making my own Justin.TV and Youtube account. "Why did you kiss Nick?" I say sternly looking her right into the eyes. "I didn't-" "I saw you" I say cutting her off. She relizing defet looks me in the eye and says "Because I Can!" then takes off running. I let here go there's really no point in running after her. She has everything she wants except Nick and thats all she wanted to have, everything she wants. She knows that everything she wants she can have the only problem is she cant have Nick and thats all she was trying to prove. Also she was trying to hurt me, hurt my relationship, and get more press for her. And my parents wonder why me and Miley aren't better "friends." Time to go into lockdown before I go onstage. I need to get all these bad engery vibes out of here. It's Time for Me to Fly.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chapter 37: Abandoned Dressing Room

It's two hours before the concert and I have already had my tearstained cheeks covered by the makeup deparment and had my wardorbe concertized by the wardorbe team. Apperenlty their going for a chic-prep-stagized look. I haven't seen Nick since sound check in which he did his stufff and I did mine. We didn't have to do anything togather and then we both disapered. I'm sitting with my one and only gutair a hamey down from my Dad. I suppose I could buy another one but every other gutair dosn't sound the same as this one. This one has class it has character in which most gutairs are lacking these days. I'm sitting here alone in one of the dressing rooms that aren't being used. I don't know where Crissy and Elisa are proabley enjoying their last night with their superstar loves. "If I could do it over again I would do it differently. Can't you see? Can't you be the one. I love you. I love you. Plese shout these words again. I love you. I love you. If only the things you said were true. I love you. Please I'm so confused. I love you. When I looked and saw you cheating on me. I casn't belive it's true. My only witnesses unrealible besides myself. If only the things you said were true. I love you. I love you. " I can't help but making up a song while I'm trying to hold back tears. It's how I express myself when I'm feeling so beaten against the wall and my heart is brused. "That was good." I turn around and see Nick standing in the doorway that was recently shut. I stare at him fighting back the tears that the makeup team would have to correct before I go onstage. He noticing I won't anwser closes the door and pulls up one of the stift makeup chairs in the abandoned dressing room and sits facing me. The last place I want him to be. "I haven't seen you since before lunch break ended." "I saw you" I saw tuning away to face the one wall without a mirror on it. "Jade" he says reaching toward me. "Stop it stop it!" I say cutting him off and jumping out of the chair and backing against the un-mirrored wall. I statled him and he pulled back his hand quickly. Staring at me and I explode with everything. "It's just that I saw you kissing Miley!" he starts to protest. "I know you pushed her away. And I know you were mad about having Mitchel say I love you but we always say that to each other it's not like we love each other like that more like as a brother and a sister!Which remines me I need to call Max. Which is completly off the subject I know!" Again Nick begins to interupt and I cut him off once again. "And it sucks because no matter how much I love you. You will never be mine. Ever!" Again he starts to say something. "No you won't you'll away belong to everyone never just to me and you know what Nick I care about you. Unlike Miley who just uses random people to get to the top and will step on everyone to get there." Then he shuts me up by kissing me. This is a way to end the story if I wanted to but I don't because this is not a happy ending nothing has been solved or all the questions anwser so this time it is me who pushes away. "Nick.." I said gasping for breath from the rant I had just ended or the kiss that sucked the breath out of me. "Listen Jade" he said then when I began to protest he cut me off "I don't like Miley. What you saw. What happened was stupid I didn't want it to happen she did. Shes my friend and tour mate and nothing more. You Jade though your...your..I love you Jade. Okay I love you." He said it he had finnaly said it. Nick Jonas said he loved me. He said Miley was nothing more than a friend. And the funny thing is I belive him. So I kissed him softly on the lips and darted out to meet and find the one person I had yet to recon with. Where is Miley anyway?

Chapter 36: The Kiss

I decided to go inside the statium I mean thats proabely where they are. The only real proablem is that the door I had gone out and in was locked. So I finally found a sericurty guard to let me in one of the front doors after I proved that I was Jade Murrry by showing him my ex-School ID. Summer was somewhere interviewing my new bodyguard. I half to find Nick. I have to explain to him. As I find my way into the statium I find myself on the second section insted of the floor. I see Miley and Nick talking. Everyone eles appers to still be on lunch break even though we only have like a 2 min of lunch break left. It always starts late lunch time is merly a sugguestion people won't really start filing in here till 30 min after. The only person besides Nick and Miley in there was one of the Jonas Brothers other bodyguards who was so peropicated by the donut he was eating and Crissy who had followed me. I start to shout to Nick so he at least knows I came after him when it happened. Miley's lips which was about 12 inches away from Nick's before conected with his lips. I didn't notice I was running till I was gasping for breath. I didn't notice the sercuity guards I passed nor did I notice the tears streaming down my face. I din't notice which direction I was taking. I just needed to get away. I needed something. I needed Nick but I didn't have him. He said he would never hurt me. My worst fear. My worst backstabbing. Omj. I can't think I can't function. I can't stop. Running away is like a drug you need to go farther and farther and you can't stop even if it dosn't help you just makes you feel worse. I can't do anything I can't feel anything but hurt. This time no one is running after me. My familar footsteps nothing. I find a wall and slide down it crying so hard I can't stop just like the running. I feel like I have lost everything. Inbetween sobs I relize someone is coming down the passage way. "Jade? Jade you there? Is that you? OMJ Jade OMJ!" It was Crissy who ran to me and sank down next to me hugging me tightly. "Jade!" I just keep sobbing and she holds me tight. "Are you ready for what happened after you ran away?" she asks me. I shake my head "no" while gasping for breath. "Well I was standing there in shock then I see Nick pushing off Miley and yelling at her. He looks up and sees me standing there he starts to come toward me shouting things so I could hear them but I dodn't really hear them and then I run after you." "He..He..he pushed her away." I stutter trying to comprhend what this means.

Chapter 35: Call

"Here I'll call Mitchel" I said tearing my gaze away from my tourbus window and onto Nicks eyes. I picked up my phone and dialed 1 on my speed dial. "Hey girl haven't heard from you in a while!" came Mitchels heart thob voice from my specker phone. I screamed "I GOT THE ROLE OF STELLA IN J.O.N.A.S!"Then much like the Jonas' reaction Mitchel started shouting and screaming "THATS SO GREAT OMG!" Oh Mitchel he can be so unlike a boy sometimes I think it's from being around my half tom boy and half girly self. Oh well. "I know it's so cool I'll call you later kay?" "Kay Luv ya" "You too bye." Then I snap my phone shut and turn to face Nick. He was no longer smilling in fact his face had dropped hard. What did I do oh ya Mitchel. I forgot. Mitchel has always been in really intense competion with the Jobros espically now with his budding music career and heart thob status. That has nothing to do with this however. Me and Mitchel have been friends for years and we have been saying "Luv you" for years it's just second nature it dosn't mean anything like that but how am I supposed to explain this to Nick. Who is just staring at me with a suprised and sad look on his face. Looking like he's holding back tears. "Nick it's just.." I 'm interruppted by a fazzeled Nick. "Oh it's fine I should proably get going anyway." And then he runs away. And I'm alone I try to call after him but he dosn't hear me. Or he just pertends he dosn't hear me. I don't even know anymore. I just have to stand here and watch him run away since theres nothing I can do about it. My worst fear confermend in a different way than what I had, had nightmares about. Great my best day turned into my worst day. As I'm watching Nick run away I am tackled by Elisa and Crissy. "I can't belive you got Stella 1"they scream hugging me! I try to give them a simile and brush off what just happened afterall their going home tonight after creating a love tringle between the three of us and the three of them. A love tringle I am going to half to mantain after they go back to LA. So far I'm not doing the best job of it. It sucks because they all belong togather. Twins Crissy and Elisa and Brothers Nick, Joe , and Kevin. Me I'm just the awackward best friend that would be a tottal third wheel if Nick didn't like me. Or love me. I can't remeber did he say "I love you Jade" I don't know. I have stated "I love you Nick" so many times along with the rest of the world. But does he love me? It dosn't matter now though. I just half to find Nick I need to tell him. Something. Get him back. Find him. Wait maybe Miley knows where he is. It couldn't of been Miley taking the picture but if it was it proabley wasn't of me and Nick maybe it was one of those "A picture taken from my tour bus window" blog post. But where is Miley?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chapter 34:J.O.N.A.S!

"If you didn't do it who did?" I ask startled that someone would leave flowers for me. "Proabley one of your fans but Jade we have like 5 min left in our lunch break I got to go." "Okay bye." I saw snapping the phone shut. Proabley a fan. It's pretty insane having people loving every move you make sercertly judging you, hanging your photos on their walls, and having dreams of meeting you. Just then my phone rings again. "Hello?" I ask flipping open my phone after not reconnizing the call ID. "Hello is this Jade Murry?" A lady's voice anwsers sound tottaly calm. Okay so at least it's not a screaming fan that got ahold of my number which happened yesterday. "Yes this is." "This is Disney Channel and we would like to congratulate you on wining the role of Stella in the new disney channel show "J.O.N.A.S" "What..What..huh?""Sweetie you are now a leading role in a post production series for Disney Channel called J.O.N.A.S. You play Stella a girl that is determined to get the real scoup on the band for the teen magzine she works at. " "Thats..thats great." I stutter out to shocked for words then I saw goodbye and hang up. Wow me staring in a Disney Channel Show with the Jonas Brothers. This is amazing and happening so fast I mean wow. I can't hold it in an longer I can't....I let out a huge scream and start jumping up and down! "OMJ I"M STARRING IN J.O.N.A.S I"M STARING IN J.O.N.A.S! I"M STELLA." I have to call Kevin I think happily reaching for my cell phone as Miley gives me and amused look. "Jade whats up" comes Kevin's calm voice from the spekers. Who oviously looked up my name on his caller ID. "I'M STELLA IN J.O.N.A.S I GOT THE PART!" Suddenly I hear shouts coming from that side. "WOOOOO YEAH! NICKY JOE SHE GOT THE PART JADE GOT THE PART!" Suddenly the screams get louder and I hear the phone beign thown down in guy screams and then I hear footsteps. I glance out the window and the three guys are dashing toward out bus whooping! I open the door and run to them! I get to Kevin first who hugs me and swings me around. Then I run into Joe's arms who holds me tight and then seconds later me and Nick collade into an embrace that turns into a kiss. "This is so great!" he says so exicted he's shaking. Then I relise that all of us are jumping up and down shaking. That's when I noice our tour bus shades moving and a digatal camera taking pitures. I don't know what the face looked like it was gone to quickly however I do remeber the brown glisting hair that disapered a second to late.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter 33: Violet Roses

It's funny the things that annoy me now. All the things in my life that have changed. All the things I was actully guilty 2 months ago of doing. We have done exctully 3 shows so far and when ever I introduce the Jonas Brothers theres shouts of "I love YOU NICk!" I know it's the stupidest thing ever but it makes me feel I don't know betrayed. I mean these are my fans too it's not like they don't know he's mine it's all over the magzine. It's just when people are famaous you lose the belonging to one another factor. Girl code dosn't apply. It really should but were public property. We can love one another but there are millions of other people loving you guys too and the scarest thing is....they might love them more than you do. I have woken up drenched in sweat the last 3 days in a dream where Nick is meeting a fan and the fan kisses him. It'so horribe having to live with this stress on a tour bus while each time you wake up your in a different place than you where in before. Maybe I'm just losing it over nothing. Nick would never allow that to happen. But you see it wouldn't be his fault. I mean yesterday when we were watching a movie he said "I'll always be yours Jade". It's so sweet but he belongs to everyone he's not like some teddy bear that I can keep locked in a drawer he's a rock star that more than 3 million people have on their poster filled walls. I know maybe this is just obserd but at least I'm getting my own bodyguard today! Yeah! Okay Summer got me my own because um a girl jummed on my table I was eatting lunch with Nick (everyone eles were at different scattered tables) so she could get an autograph (she ended up on my lap.) So now I have my very own bodyguard I just haven't met him yet. "Jade hello earth to Jade!" Great Miley is waving her mancured hand in front of my face again. I really wish she would leave me alone I have decided though to be nice till I find out whats shes up too. "Um..yeah what?" I ask her snapping back from my worries about Nick. "As I was saying.." she says looking at me anoyed. "I just saw someone leaving flowers on the front door step. "Really?" I say jumping up and going to the front door to peek and see. I look down and see violet roes which are my trademark. "I wonder who sent them" I ask Miley not really caring about the anwser it had to be Nick. I open the door and pull in the flowers. And try to find a card. "There's no card" I say putting them down on our booth me and Miley are eatting our lunch at in between sound checks. "I don't know" she says confused. "it can't be for me your the one famous for puple roses. It's probaly Nick." She says shugging off her confused look. "Here I'll call him and ask." She gives me an suit yourself look and goes back to her salad. Whenever I call Nick it always gives me and thrill because it's like OMJ I HAVE NICK J on SPEED DIAL. But then I have to calm myself by saying yeah um he's my boyfriend. It's a pretty harsh system. "Nick J here." His voice always sounds so different when he anwsers the phone then it does when he relises I'm the one on it. "Hey Nick" "Hey Gem." I love that Nickname I mean how cute is he! "Oh nothing I just got the roses you sent." Theres a pause. "I didn't send any roses." Huh?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter 32: Appoval

Tha magzine article was very intresting. You know the one about Nick and me very intresing indeed here a summery of it: "Nick and Jade have they became Nade we go to the set of the duo's four apperences on the set of Hannah Monatana to be sure. ""I think it's clear their a couple there'll always giving each other red bulls and sneking off togather."" Claims Mrs. Hannah Monatana herself right before the Best of Both Tour is about to kick off. We ask her if she has an intrest in a dating Nick. "" Well he's cute"" she gushed. ""But I would never betry my costar Jade she and I are like best friends. Joe better watch out though. ""She laughts. Looks like things on heating up on tour can Nade make it though the rough tour scheldale or will it be lights out on Nick's sparkiling new gemstone rommance. Only time will tell.
"You know" said Nick peering over my shoulder making my skin tingle. "I think Jick is a much better combined name for us than Nade." OMJ WERE REALLY A COUPLE! OFFICALLY! YEH! "No" I tease him. "Nade is a much better name." "Is not." 'Is too." "Guys were at the hotel you can stop bickering" shouts Big Rob from the frount of the bus. Allowing me to relize the fact that they could hear everything we did from the frount of the bus. "Well come on I say" dashing to my bus with Crissy in hand to get our things. "Jade" shouts Summer "can I see you for one moment?" I stop halfway to my bus and turn to face the wraft of the hottest sun. "Listen sweetheart" she says as she pulls me into a awarkward side hug. "Guys will come and go but you have to keep this one." "What!" I asked stunned that she'd approve and be all for it. "Just think of what his populartiy has alreeady done for you! I mean you don't even have a debut album out and one of your singles in #3 on itunes. You have been in 4 tv episodes and already your in seconf place in Twists magzines montly top tens for singers and actresses. This is amazing you going out with Nick would only impove your career!" Bubbly happy Summer this is an image I almost never see on Summer espically when she knows shes going to have to share a room with 3 teenage girls tonight. As I go inside to pack my bags I can't help wondering why in the world does Miley keep telling magazines Nick and I are dating. I mean why?!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick Note from Jade: Meeting the Jonas Brothers 5-9-08

Hey Guys I haven't been posting in a while but I have been in Alantis which is a resort in the Bahammas. As I'm sure you guys know last week I was at the DC Games in Orlando afterwards I had planed to go to Alantis little did I know the Jonas Brothers had the exact same idea! I heard they were at the resort the night when I arrived (thursday) when a random guy I was flirting with told me. I serched for them all day while I was going down slides (now it's friday) and then friday night I was walking out of the movie theater for Juno and run right into my mom. She drags us over to a fancy restraunts doorway. And then out of the bathroom comes Big Rob, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas! I say "Hi Kevin" he turns gives me a smile and says "Hey" then goes inside the restraunt. My sister and I wait for a while Big Rob comes out talking on his cell phone. We wave and say hi to him sliently. We are waiting paciently on the fountin were sitting on not screaming or cyring but inside freaking out! Then Joe Jonas comes out. He smiles and waves at us then goes to the bathroom and comes back to sign and talk with us. We shake his hands and he signs our notebook. Then goes back inside. Then out comes Frankie he signs our papers and goes back in. Then this is for all the fans of this story Nick Jonas hugged Me!! Yes dreams and fan fictions sometimes aren't all fiction! He also talked with us and signed our paper. He kept looking all around for girls ready to mob him and for press. Though it was only us which made him relax. Then after the bathroom he gaves us a huge smile when he walked back in with Joe (who had came out with him.) Then we saw Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas. They were trying not to be noticed soe we were given some smiles and waves. Then everyone came out (their dinner took like 3 hours!) it was funny to go from the only ones to a mob of people wanting to take pictures. (We didn't have a camera) We used this time to talk to Mr. Jonas off to the side about church and such. Then they littely walked us back to our elevator for our hotel room! AND THEY TALKED TO US THE WHOLE WAY!!!! OMJ! I HAVE MET THE JONAS BROTHERS!! This happened 24 hours ago.
Then 7 days ago as of now I was at a concert they were performing at!
I have seen them 3 times in 10 days! Thats got to be my record! Since 10 days ago I had never seen them before in real life up close. OMJ Amazing! Now when I get back on Monday I will post chapter 32!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chapter 31: Where?

"Thats going to cost us" said Nick as he pulled me into his room and flicked on the light. "Hey where is Elisa and Crissy and my brothers?" asked Nick not realzing that he's draging my stunned self all around the room. Then also realzing he's excepting me to anwser I say "um..they always disaper all the...I love you too." Then relising what I just said I have a sudden urge to bang my head with a pole. He looks at me with his shy look then goes back to serching for Joe, Kevin, Elisa, and Crissy who have a tottally disappered. "Hey aren't we leaving soon?" I ask snapping out of my insane state. "Yeah there on the bus though." he said looking at me. "What how did they? How did you? What?" I ask so confused. "Don't worry I saw them when we came in the room I just didn't want you to freakout on me and you were so stunned you didn't even notice them." "What do you mean I'll freakout?" "Well we got another hour till we get to the hotel what do you want to talk about?" "Hey don't try to change the subject! Where are they?" "There in the other room." He said grabbing my hands as I move to get up. I mean you would of though I would of guessed how strong he was I mean with all that muscel but I didn't and it turns out he's very strong. Much stronger than me actully so I pretty much am stuck where I am for the time being. "So why did you keep my letter?" "What letter?" he said completly dogging the question. "The one I sent you that I found on you bed." I say guestering to the bed we were sitting on and the letter next to me. "It's like a cheat sheet to your heart and soul and mind." he said leaning closer so his breath felt warm on my cheeks. Seriously if anyone eles said those words they would be corny but when he said them it felt like I turned to mush. Jade Murrry turns to mush! I can see the headlines now! Seriously could he be any hotter. I mean look at him, wait Jade get a grip ask him something important. "I have a promise ring too!" I really have to stop blurting out the most awakward and random things ever. Next I'll be blurting out "I used to kiss your poster before I went to sleep" or "I am PMS ing now!" Seriously get a hold of yourself. "Okay can I see it?" he's so sweet. I need and streach out my left hand. "Wow it's beutiful." He says playing with the ring on my finger. Something about the way he said it made me remeber back to when I first heard "Hello Beutiful" and then back to the millions times I gazed at my wall when I heard that song. I didn't know what to do so I blabbed. Since I'm gernally not really a talker most of the time I just sit there it's very unusally for me to start blabbing about nothing but thats what I ened up doing. "So yeah I really love to read like one of my fav books of all time is the Harry Potter books there so amazing. Don't ya think? I mean she writes such long books. I mean it just goes on and on and on..." then he uses a technique I've only seen done in movies he shut me up with a kiss. Wait I've now kissed Nick at least 4 times now. It never ceases to speed up my heart and feel the blood moving widly thoughout my vains. I mean as soon as my lips touch his I automatically relax into him. This time though is different I can sense he is too stift much stiffer then he was at the campsite. "Whats the matter?" I ask lifting my head up. Then I relized what was bothing him and it was proabley bothering the tibet of my mind that just feed me the information. We were on his bed kissing. Thats inapropite terttoriy for the rings on our wedding fingers. I was just about to comment on the fact we both shared when the door was swung open by a madly giggling Crissy followed by a grin-wearing Joe. "Um what have you guys been doing?" I ask taking into account Crissy's messed up hair and lipstick. Now you see as long as I've known her Crissy has been obsessed with her red lipstick I have pretty much never seen it sumdged or another color just like it. I have started to think that maybe she makes it at her house till I saw that Joe was also wearing something on his lips. Something the exactully same shade as Crissy's fav lipstick color. But thats impossible! I quickly dissmiss the idea. I mean we have often joked about who will marry which Jonas Brother but me and Elisa always fought over Nick. This can not be happening. This can not add another love tringle to my life. I can't handel it. OMJ I'm freaking out. Why is Nick always so right. Why is..?" Okay Nick is so tottally noticing I'm freaking out so pulls a magazine from his self puts it in my hands and sits right next to me. "Read" he mouths opening the magazine to a radom page which just happened to be about us.

Chapter 30: Magazine Pictures

"What's going on?" I ask as I slide into the booth next to Summer who is staring at the BOP photographer with an astonished look on her face. "Well Jade Jessica here." he said indicating the photographer. "She had some very interesting pictures for us to see." I knew at once that I would not find them interesting but I had a feeling at the teenage girls of America would. "Of What" I ask playing dumb and watching Nick's face for anything that would give away my worst fear. I saw it the lowering of his eyes and the rosy blush. Oh man I'm so in trouble. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a stack of photos that have been developed. The first ones were sent over to Ralph who held them up for us to see. They were just of the Hannah Montana kiss. "Big deal" I say looking around and seeing that no one else reacted to my comment except Nick who blushed harder. The next one however caused me to let my mouth gasp open and my blush to come back. It's kinda hard to tell who the people are that are kissing in the chair in the lodge. Though you can see me and Nicks signature shoes (green converses with checkered laces) sticking out. Then of course Nick's curly hair and my blonde straight hair. It would be really hard to deny that picture but it seems that’s exactly what Ralph is about to do. "This mean nothing !" he said as he threw down the photo on the table as he stood up. "Nick and Jade have hardly been near each other much less sneaking out in the middle of the night to make out in some random chair." There was only two people that knew I did just that Summer and Miley. And right this second Miley is looking like my weakest link. "Isn't that true Jade, Nick?" I look up and see Nick staring at me trying to decide if we should lie or not. I give him a blank stare not quite forgetting the "we can't tell anyone" line that had condemned me to tears not an hour before. Then enters Crissy and Elisa. "Hey Jade Big Rob said you'd be in here." said Crissy then stopping short at the gathering she saw before me."Um..sorry to interrupt." "I think you girls should go back to where Kevin, Joe, and Frankie are" said Mrs. Jonas. Crissy looked ready to protest but Elisa in a dreamy way took Crissy hand and pulled her down the buses hallway. Once they had gone I blurted "I don't have time for a boyfriend." Then Nick following my lead said "Were just best friends that must have been Photo Shopped." "Yeah" I replied. Then I realized showing wasn't done showing the pictures. Nick as I watched in dismay as she pulled one of the last pictures from the deck. It was taken give or take about 45 minuets ago. It showed me and Nick hugging. Now as you remember it was not one of those of were friends lets hug hugs it was one of those I never want to let go your all I need hugs. It was extremely painfully obvious that we liked each other a lot. They say a pictures worth a thousand words and this one basically said "Jade Murry and Nick Jonas a couple" and repeated it 286 times. "You know what?" said Nick standing and looking down at me. "I love her, print that in your magazine." Then he took my hand and led me out of the room. I am too shocked for words.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chapter 29: Confused?

When I bursted into the bus it's no wonder everyone was looking at me I was soked, crying, and my makeup was proably running and the only guy that would of said hello beutiful to me in this state just ran away from me and told me to stay inside. I was a mess. So as soon as a barged in to the bus eveyone turned to look at me and it turns out I had the wrong bus. Yes thats right I was on the Jonas Brothers tour bus which by the way is not my tour bus. So everyone basically included Mr. Jonas, Mrs. Jonas, Frankie, Joe, and Ralph the Jonas Brother's Manager. "Oh sorry" I choke out in between sobs. "Wrong bus." "Oh my Jade are you okay?" Joe said as he came over to me. Which is a really stupid question to ask because I am not okay not one bit okay. His brother just okay I don't really understand what he just did but it was i don't know I'm just so confused. "Here" he said as he nodded to his parents and led me down the hallway and led me into a room I assume he shared with Nick and Kevin. Wow the room was just like a normal boys room and then when he let me sit down on the bottem bunk I sat on something. So I picked it up and it was an envolope that looked really familar. Joe was getting some cokes from a coler across the tiny room so I opened it up and almost had a heart attack. It was the 25 page letter I had sent them about 3 months ago. This is perhaphs the starngest place I could find it because that ment they had read it. That meant they all knew I had a thing for Nick way before I had met him. They knew all my sercerts and my heart which I poured into this letter. And by how much the paper had been sumdged someone had read it quite alot and left it on their bed. "Um..Joe" I said my sobs turned to sniffiles. "Yeah" he asked turning to me and noticeing the envolpe in my hands. "Who's bed is this?" I ask pretty much already knowing the anwser from the look on his face and the photo I just noticed posted behind me. The photo was one of those mini posters of stars that are good for hanging in your locker and such. It was the one of me and Nick. You know the one of him kissing me on the cheek. And right next to it was one oviously taken from the set of Hannha Montana during our "what the director said cut 10 seconds ago" kiss. "Nick" he said handing me the soda and sitting down next to me. "Whats the matter" he asked looking at me in like the sweetest way possible. "I have no idea." "it's Nick isn't it?" he asked solmly as he stares at me over the brink of his coke can. I just nod my head knowing that the the one who knows all happenes to be in the room with me sharing some of his insite. Just then Kevin burtsted into the room. "Joe you'll never guess what happened Nick was just about to tell Jade but then he saw a camera- Whoa hi Jade." You could see the look of suprise flash on his face once he noticed me sitting next to Joe on Nicks bed with the envolpe. He tried to mantain his cool like he didn't just tell me what he just told me. It didn't really work. "Where's Nick?" I ask standing and then relising Kevin was way bigger than I was and it didn't really help at all. "Out front" he says pointing out the door which I sprint out. Trying not to hear Kevin asking Joe "did I interrupt something between you guys?" Which by the way seems to be a common theme tonight. I'm stopped still as I see whos stitting at the table. Miley Cyrus, Summer, Teen Bop Photographer, Mr. Jonas, Ralph, Mrs. Jonas, and Nick. "Oh just the person we want to see have a seat dear."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chapter 28:Let the Rain Fall

I was crying so hard and running so fast it's no wonder I ran into someone. "Whoa Jade! Are you okay?" That someone happened to be some people which happened to be Kevin and Elisa togther kissing. "Jade whats the matter" says Kevin giving me and hug because he could see my whole body shaking from the hevey sobs. "It's okay why are you-"he starts "Jade we have to talk" says Nick stopping next to Elisa who looks shocked. Kevin understanding because he has both sides of the story pulls away and pretty much picks up Elisa and "walks" away (more like runs away). "Jade" he says as he goes to hug me. I move away "Nick stop it don't play games with me I don't need it." "Jade please" "Nick" I say sobbing " you. Should I say I'm sorry for that!" My voice raises. It's weird I've been to their concerts and shouted I love you Nick millions of times but now it seems more real more serective more unbelivable. At least it's out there. "Jade I..I..I please.." I can't take it anymore the sobs just got heveryer and I'm trying to run but I can't outrun him. He catches me and whirls me around to see his face. OMJ Nick Jonas is crying about me. Then we huged. Not the kind of hug a friend gives a friend the kinda hug were you clutch on for dear life because when you come back up everything will have changed and you just wanta stay in that moment forever clutching the one you love. My tears got all over his shirt but he didn't even seem to mind or care. He just keep stroking my hair which is by now so messed up. The funny thing is I don't care. I don't care that it started raining and now me and Nick Jonas are standing in the rain,wet, and huging. Then Nick looks up and so do I. He's looking over my sholder and mutters under his breath "darn" then takes off running behind me. "Wait Nick!" He turns my way for a second looks at me and yells "Get inside" then takes off. Leving me standing in the rain.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chapter 27: The Talk

"Oh hey" I said for the 5th time in 2min to another random fan. "OMJ Your Jade Murry the one in the Hannha Montana Episode with the Jonas Brothers!" The very one. "Yeah" I say smiling about how people remeber my name connceted with the Jonas Brothers. "Did you enjoy the concert?" I ask the little girl probley around eightish clad in Hannha Montana Clothes. "Yeah you and the Jonas Brothers were amazing togather can you sign my bag?" Wow we were? We WERE! "Sure sweetheart where?" She hands me her Hannha Montana Bag and I sign it where she directes me to. "Thanks so much!" she screams and then says "Mom can you take a picture of us?" She jumps on the table hugs me while he mom snaps away. Okay this is the moment I can tell I am now semi-famos! I mean people don't just randomly jump on tables to take a picture with you unless your famos I mean it's happened to the Jonas Brothers 3 times in the last 5min. Big Rob escortes her and her mom away to Miley and ushers in 2 girls about my age that seem strangly familar like I have seen them before like a lot oh great its- "Jade OMJ! Why didn't you tell your best friends that you were becoming a famos Pop Star and performing our song! Why did we have to hear it from someone eles and not you! Why did we have to go to a concert with an extra ticket because turns out the person we invites can't go because SHE"S IN THE CONCERT!" shouts Crissy at the top of her lungs causing everyone to train their eyes on us. "Kevin is really nice" says Elisa staring at Kevin the same way she used to stare at her Nick poster on her bedroom wall. "Okay um guys where are you staying tonight?" I ask confused because there unsupervised and alone in Missourie while they live in LA! "On your tour bus of course you next stop is Moline so we have a plane ride to LA from there. Summer and Kevin invites us." "Wait hold up Kevin and Summer invited you to stay on me and Miley's tour bus while we travel to Moline." "Yeah.." says Elisa still staring at Kevin in a very creepy way. "Okay whatever just put you stuff in the tourbus out back in the bus's living room and settel in I'll be there in about 5 min. "Okay bye" says Crissy grabing Lauren but stopping to talk to Joe on the way out. I wish my life wasn't so compicated. The next 5 min went by very quickly just chatting with some fans and signing some autographs. As I say goodnight to Big Rob and start to head back to my bus I'm stopped. "What" I say spinning around to face my stopper. Opps it's Nick. "Sorry I just have a lot going on.." I say trying to explain why I just yelled at him. "Here we need to talk" I just nod my head because I have no idea what we will talk about and if I can handle it. We sit down on some stairs in one of the backstage doorways completly alone. "Okay so it's ovious we both have feelings for each other." I nod my head trying to keep from looking away from his warm brown eyes, "And..well." he said hoping for me to finsh what he was trying to say but I had no idea what he was saying so I just kept nodding like an idiot. "And well I..I...I" Is he going to say I love you? IS HE GOING TO SAY I LOVE YOU? "We can't tell anyone." "What!" I say so surprised I fell into him sending us both scrawling on the sidewalk. During most times this would make me brust out laughing but now. "I don't understand." I say struggling not to cry as I once again sit on this step. "I really really like you Jade as well..more than a friends but you see..." he pauses as if chossing his words carefully. "it''s my career." Oh his career. I hate the stupid word. Artists and their stupid careers. I mean I understand what he's saying I really do it's just.. I'm tired of the stupid bisness interfering with love. Manger and Agents interfering with love. I know he'll loes some of his hearthob status if people see us togather as more than friends. With the rumors already I'll probley start getting some hate mail. But I don't care but I do and I can't. "It's just my agent.." he starts as he clasps my hand. There is only one thing to do shelding my eyes I make a run for the bus. "Jade wait Jade!" I hear and then footfalls behind me but I can't look back and see the one that I love chasing after me it's too hard. It's to hard to be mad when you completly understand why.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chapter 26: Perfoming to Applause

In 5 minutes I’m going onto a stage facing a sold out stadium to sing a pop song I wrote with my best friends almost 5 months ago. Alone onstage in front of millions of people for at least my first solo song. It’s pretty safe to say I’m a nervous wreck standing right out side the stage door my hands shaking going over the songs in my head. OMJ I am going to be pushed on stage into the excitement of millions I feel like my heart is going to overload. “Now the time you have all been waiting for please welcome Jade Murry to the stage. OMJ is that screaming and applause I hear what? “Um..Jade get out there” says one of the stage manger guys. I nod silently, plaster on a smile to hid my fears, and step out into the spotlight. The applause just go louder and the screaming too. Then I take a deep breath, fix my mic and shout “Hello St. Louis are you ready to Rock?” “Yeah!” was the defying response followed with high pitched screams. “Okay ready 1,2,3,4. One night on IM” Sorta Kinda Boyfriend finished without any major flaws and the ending was greeted with screams including was of “We love you Jade.” “Okay everyone know I’m going to introduce my costars and my fav band The Jonas Brothers. “ Cue high pitched screams and Jonas enter. “Hey Jade ready to rock?” “Yeah!” Even though I’m miced I have to shout to be heard. Then the opening of “That’s Just the way we Roll” burst though the speakers and it’s time to kick it up a notch. Now for all those that have never performed with the Jonas Brother let me tell you it’s an amazing experience. You never know what they’re going to do. Joe might do a back flip off the piano and Nick might randomly start spinning you around. I ended up dancing all around the stage. Whenever a song ended we were greeted with tremendous applause and we all took a bow. Wow who would of though me performing in front of thousands of people with the Jonas Brothers. “Thank you everyone” shouts Kevin the speakers projecting over the sound of thousands of adoring fans. We take one final bow and rush backstage just as Hannah Montana comes out. We have to stay silent until we turn our mics off. This causes a problem who is going to turn off my mic. “Um Kevin can you turn off my mic?” You see I couldn’t do it myself because it’s sorta hooked to my bra. This is so embarrassing ugg. “Yeah sure” he said blushing. He took me over to the far side of the room so I wouldn’t be embarrassed but I so was. “Thanks” I said after he finished doing it really quickly. “No problem I had to do it for Nick when he was on Broadway and now I have to do it whenever were on tour its fine. Anyway have you talked to Elisa yet?” “Well I sorta haven’t told you I’m on tour with you guys yet.” “Here do you want me to tell her?” “No…wait yeah sure.” At first I was going to say no but then I relished Elisa would be so amazed that Kevin Jonas called her she wouldn’t even be mad at me perfect! So I gave him her number and went back to watch the concert on the TV we had set up in the green room. I ended up sitting next to Nick but I couldn’t concentrate I kept remembering what happened last time we sat together and then I blushed and tried to catch his eye and when I did I looked away. I was amazed it was almost time for us to go on again. After we ended the concert with the finale Billy Ray told our fans that if they bought the new Hannah Montana CD they would get to come to the VIP meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and oh yeah Me! My first meet and greet tonight. Am I ready?